Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Mirkwood Elf Army + Improvements upon Set = First Post in Weeks!

I will first give the review for the Mirkwood Elf Army LEGO set .

Minifigs: The set comes with king Thranduil which is a unique minifigures to the set.
Pieces: Contains  brown and grey half arches which are always useful, a light gray microfigure that posses as a statue.
Accessories: The accessories are standard for this kind of set. i.e. a spear, sword bows and arrows, but I was happy that the set came with the Prince of Persia sword.
Build: The build is okay, containing a rotatable tree with a human catapult, and wall segments that detach so that you can buy multiple copies of the set and have a long wall.
I improved the set as seen below.

What started out as a small improvement project turned into a full scale build. Here is a list of all the features I changed: exchanged out some of the colors in the wall for more realistic one,  made the tree more realistic looking, took out the human catapult, added a bridge and arsenal, added a real catapult, added a bridge, Added water and a gate with a dwarf in a barrel, built a new section of wall, and took out the cheesy flick fire missile. this is probably one of the largest projects I have undertaken being so large that I could not photograph it without a busy background. In building the scene, I discovered that being a limited LEGO builder can have its benefits, such as when I was building the ground I did not have enough regular grey pieces to finish, so I used other grey bricks that where slopped. The result was a surface that looked rough and natural.   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Blog!

After getting so many views on my LEGO Ideas support page, I have created my own blog specifically for recommending certain ideas. In order that you will not have to sift through many bad ideas before finding an idea worth supporting.
Click this link to see the  new blog http://lirecomendations.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

LEGO Ideas review

Eight projects were qualified during review. Each of the projects I was really hoping to pass, passed! I am really exited for all the projects, though I am most happy about the Wall-e (mostly because it is the only project I will be able to afford) and the Wayne Manor Assault. I am also happy about the more accurate version of the AT-AT. Check out the link below to see all the projects that passed.