Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Mirkwood Elf Army + Improvements upon Set = First Post in Weeks!

I will first give the review for the Mirkwood Elf Army LEGO set .

Minifigs: The set comes with king Thranduil which is a unique minifigures to the set.
Pieces: Contains  brown and grey half arches which are always useful, a light gray microfigure that posses as a statue.
Accessories: The accessories are standard for this kind of set. i.e. a spear, sword bows and arrows, but I was happy that the set came with the Prince of Persia sword.
Build: The build is okay, containing a rotatable tree with a human catapult, and wall segments that detach so that you can buy multiple copies of the set and have a long wall.
I improved the set as seen below.

What started out as a small improvement project turned into a full scale build. Here is a list of all the features I changed: exchanged out some of the colors in the wall for more realistic one,  made the tree more realistic looking, took out the human catapult, added a bridge and arsenal, added a real catapult, added a bridge, Added water and a gate with a dwarf in a barrel, built a new section of wall, and took out the cheesy flick fire missile. this is probably one of the largest projects I have undertaken being so large that I could not photograph it without a busy background. In building the scene, I discovered that being a limited LEGO builder can have its benefits, such as when I was building the ground I did not have enough regular grey pieces to finish, so I used other grey bricks that where slopped. The result was a surface that looked rough and natural.   

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