Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jungle Ruin

I will not say much, except that this is of a jungle ruin being discovered by a man who is about to be killed by a snake. He is also not smart because it is just him and not an expedition crew.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I have always liked puzzles, whether math or jigsaw puzzles. This liking for puzzles has transferred into my MOCs. In fact the more spaceships and vehicles I build, the more complex they are getting. For example down below is an animation of probably one of the most complex MOCs that I have ever built.
I made an animation of my spacecraft in order that you could hopefully see more of the build and to get more practice animating. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Batman VS Elf

With the advent of my new Batman set, I knew I wanted to make an animation. Down below is my second larger animation that I have produced.
The part on the roof was the hardest. Each frame took a minute to set up, which is why their are too few of them. Despite the long hours involved in creating an animation, it is worth it when you are done and can say, "I did this."


In 2012 LEGO released the Dino line of sets. The whole story is that dinosaurs have escaped and were approaching the city. The Dino team's goal was to catch all the dinosaurs and return them deep into the jungle. The picture below is of a Dino team member looking for the Dinosaur while the dinosaur is about ready to squash him in a hard suit.  
 This is my first Bionicle/Hero Factory build. I originally tried making a mech using technic pieces for the arms and legs, while using system peices for the cockpit. That is when I discovered that merging technic and system is really hard when you are building on a budget. The end result was a failure, so I built a mech/hardsuit using a few system elements and the rest technic.   

I only work in black, but sometimes very dark grey, light gray, yellow, translucent orange, and a little bit of blue

I just bought the man-bat attack LEGO set. The build is rather simple and easy, and did not have any cool looking parts to it. In fact the windshield does not cover the whole spaceship, and it is so low that batman can not sit up. For me it was a good buy because of the man-bat and batman minifigure, harpoons, windshield and tail, because I do not own any batman sets. It came with a surprisingly low amount of pieces for the price. The redeeming features of this set are the grappling hook (I think that this is one of the only current sets that has grappling hooks) and the man-bat minifigure because of his wings. Here is a picture of the set.
Overall I think that LEGO could have done a much better job at designing this set, but if you want grappling hooks and minifigure-arm wings, this is the set to buy.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Island experiment

A while ago, I did a building experiment. In the experiment I started out building an island. I then built a raft using miscellaneous pieces that my character was drifting on. Like his space ship had sunk in the ocean. I then used all of those pieces that where on the raft and built an island shelter. Below is my experiment.
The palm tree I built, was created long before I knew what I wanted to do with it. This happens rather often, an inspiration will strike for a plant or some sort of mechanism. I build whatever it was that I had an inspiration for and put it in a box specifically for builds that I have no use for currently. I do this because when I build something like an island, I do not have to spend time figuring out how to build a palm tree. I suggest doing this, because it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Good morning planet!

This is a picture of my avatar in his bedroom, complete with  a folding bed, window flowers, chainsaws, and an arsenal of weapons. No need to worry about burglars. 
I was experimenting with different lighting techniques to make it look like morning. I ended up placing a desk lamp sideways pointing into the building. When making a model keep in mind that functionality and playability are not the only aspects to worry about. Photography is also a very important aspect of the build, because it can turn a good build into a great build.   

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why Elves don't like Orcs

The feud between Elves and Orcs originated in the first age when the Elves invited the Orcs over. During the stay, the Elves electricity bill was high due to the increase of vacuuming. 
I built the vacuum cleaner first and wanted to build a vignette using the wood-like pieces for floor. After realizing that I did not have enough light brown pieces to complete the floor, I used the dark brown bricks to so that I could make the floor long enough and represent dirt. This is one of the advantages of being a limited LEGO builder, because you are sometimes forced to be creative which can make the product turn out better then if you had almost unlimited LEGO bricks.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One peice build


One peice type builds have always fascinated me. I was playing with these treads when the idea stuck me to make a one type peice build of a worm (originally a snake but it turned out to be a worm).  
I suggest trying building a one peice build, because it is very gratifying and you have to be really creative if you want to make a good build.

Got road rage?

I build so many vehicles and structures that have weapons attached to them, that if you lived in the world of my MOCs you would definitely need this to transverse any distance. If you did not want to be destroyed. 


It took me a while to get all the pieces configured right so that it would have a nice look to it. The hardest part about building this was the back wheels. I tried many different back wheels before I came up with using the 2 x 2 round plates.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nuclear bazooka anyone?

When I came up with the idea for a nuclear bazooka, I knew that I had to build one out of LEGO just because the idea was so ridiculous. You would kill yourself in the process unless you shot it out of an airplane.
If this where actually sold in stores, you would see a significant decrease in crime and population. Remember, "Do not aim at eyes or face."


Ever since I got my first LEGO frog, I have been wanting to make a vehicle for it. After a few failed attempts I created this frog speeder.
The main peice is a Hero Factory chest plate and the guns that act as engines fit quit nicely in the shoulder part of the armor without needing to add any extra pieces. The idea is of course too impractical because frogs have to almost continually be in a lake or river and cannot stay out of water for too long.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shell LEGO partnership good?

A big outcry has been raised at LEGO for partnering with Shell saying that Shell seemingly encourages bad environmental practices and that Shell is polluting the environment. Below is the popular Everything is not AWESOME. You probably all have seen it.
The plastic that LEGO uses is rather hard and complicate process to make, so here it is. The plastic that LEGO uses starts out as oil and natural gas. The raw materials are then transformed into hydrocarbon monomers. This polymer plastic is then placed in a mold and injected with air. This process is called injection molding. It is very high quality, but is only high quality because of the natural gas and oil made by shell, so their is no way to produce high quality LEGO bricks without using oil and gas. In oil drilling their is always a chance of an oil spill. The arctic contains about 240 species of fish while the Gulf of Mexico contains about 1114 species of fish, this means that in the case of an oil spill more fish would be affected if Shell drilled in the Gulf of Mexico than in the Arctic. As for polluting the environment Shell produced 73 million tons of CO2 in 2013. Every year volcanoes produce about quarter billion tons of carbon dioxide, and that is not counting all of the them. scientists have only accurately measured about 33 volcanoes, that is only 20% of all the active volcanoes. I hope I adequately explained why LEGO's partnership with Shell is good.