Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pros and Cons of being an AFOL durig Christmas

During this Christmas season I have been thinking of some of the benefits and liabilities to being an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego).

-None of your family or friends stresses out on what to get you for Christmas.
-You never experience after Christmas blues because you are utilizing the LEGO sets you got at Christmas.
- You don't get odd looks when you buy a Friends set that has a really cool element that you need to finish your giant Gama ray gun.

 -Unfortunately most non AFOLs think that LEGO is a toy, not an art medium, and asks you when you are going to grow up.

What happens when you cross a tight wad with a media nerd?
someone who sees the latest Hobbit movie at the 9 a.m. showing opening day.

This is not at all connected with the fact that I have been counting down the days till Battle of Five Armies is released :).

Merry Christmas!

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