Monday, August 11, 2014

I only work in black, but sometimes very dark grey, light gray, yellow, translucent orange, and a little bit of blue

I just bought the man-bat attack LEGO set. The build is rather simple and easy, and did not have any cool looking parts to it. In fact the windshield does not cover the whole spaceship, and it is so low that batman can not sit up. For me it was a good buy because of the man-bat and batman minifigure, harpoons, windshield and tail, because I do not own any batman sets. It came with a surprisingly low amount of pieces for the price. The redeeming features of this set are the grappling hook (I think that this is one of the only current sets that has grappling hooks) and the man-bat minifigure because of his wings. Here is a picture of the set.
Overall I think that LEGO could have done a much better job at designing this set, but if you want grappling hooks and minifigure-arm wings, this is the set to buy.

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