Monday, August 4, 2014

Shell LEGO partnership good?

A big outcry has been raised at LEGO for partnering with Shell saying that Shell seemingly encourages bad environmental practices and that Shell is polluting the environment. Below is the popular Everything is not AWESOME. You probably all have seen it.
The plastic that LEGO uses is rather hard and complicate process to make, so here it is. The plastic that LEGO uses starts out as oil and natural gas. The raw materials are then transformed into hydrocarbon monomers. This polymer plastic is then placed in a mold and injected with air. This process is called injection molding. It is very high quality, but is only high quality because of the natural gas and oil made by shell, so their is no way to produce high quality LEGO bricks without using oil and gas. In oil drilling their is always a chance of an oil spill. The arctic contains about 240 species of fish while the Gulf of Mexico contains about 1114 species of fish, this means that in the case of an oil spill more fish would be affected if Shell drilled in the Gulf of Mexico than in the Arctic. As for polluting the environment Shell produced 73 million tons of CO2 in 2013. Every year volcanoes produce about quarter billion tons of carbon dioxide, and that is not counting all of the them. scientists have only accurately measured about 33 volcanoes, that is only 20% of all the active volcanoes. I hope I adequately explained why LEGO's partnership with Shell is good.  

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