Friday, May 16, 2014

Out-of-Praportions Hard Suit

After I finished building this hard suit, I just laughed. The proportions are all wrong for this hard suit, the torso is cone-shaped when it is typically a funnel shape, the left arm is too big, and to top it off (or maybe bottom it off) instead of large legs, which are normally attributed to a hard suit with a torso that big, their are tiny stick legs. 
When I originally created this build, it did not look like what you see above. The legs, arms, and a few parts of the torso are leftovers from what I originally built. To give the arms more maneuverability  I used a technique where you take a small ball joint piece and place it between two parallel clips to form a ball joint. The ball joint that was created was very week and could not support the left arm of the hard suit. After the original model broke, I rebuilt it to what you see above. I then got a LEGO Mixel and replaced the ball joint. Now the new ball joint can easily withhold the weight of the right arm. This is one of the many applications that the ball joints, found in the Mixels, can be used for.

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