Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Rocka Sealth machine

When I first saw the "Invasion from Below" series, I wanted to buy one of the sets. One of the reasons why was that the pieces were not so unique that you could only use it in the model that you buy, as is the case with many a Hero Factory set. Another reason is that I did not own a single Bionicle or Hero Factory set, so I wanted the parts for making larger mechs.  Their were other sets I wanted to purchase before I got a Hero Factory set but when I saw the add for "buy 1 get 1 free all Here factory sets" I knew my chance had arrived so I purchased the set you see below.
Here are the pros and cons of this set.
-  Good piece to parts ratio for Hero Factory
-  Translucent green parts.
- Nice for playing and displaying
- Hero Factory hero that is built using a variety of useful and cool pieces. 
- The leg joints are week causing the mech to fall over.
Overall I this set is a very good set to buy for many reasons. Almost all the parts are useful for a variety of builds except the cockpit piece.   

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