Saturday, May 3, 2014

What should have happened to Gandalf

In the scene from the move The Two Towers, when Gandalf is fighting the Balrog while falling through air, I wondered why didn't the Balrog just use his wings and cremate Gandalf? I demonstrated what should have happened, in this build by displaying the skeleton of Gandalf surrounded by flames.  
I know that it is recommended to not use BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) but when you are a limited LEGO builder you have to be resourceful. A very important aspect to a LEGO creation is how the picture is taken. I have seen builds which look amazing only because of how they are photographed. I have found that using a sheet of paper can give the blank background that is sometimes desired, but when you want to take a picture having a black background it is a lot harder. Black backgrounds are hard to create because, if you use cloth or any material that is not stiff, you have to adjust the lighting so that the folds are hidden. When I photographed this scene I used a piece of black cloth and had to turn off all the lights in the room except for the desk light that I focused on the diorama. Using a black background has its advantages too. If you use a black background and have the proper lighting you can focus on the subject more and hide parts of your build that you would not like to have shown. Using black backgrounds takes more work and time to set up than white backgrounds but the end result is normally worth it. 

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  1. The black background in this picture is perfect!